Mevoot Eron's Robotics team, "Hamosad", was founded in 1998 and began to participate in competitions starting from 1999. up until 2005, when the team became an FRC team, at the "RoboNer" events, and also at the MOST's falafel competitions from 2010 to 2016.
The team members are students at the school's robotics study track ranging from 10th to 12th grade who learn the basics of mechatronics and control. Learning within the group is achieved in two ways:
the students sit in a class in front of a whiteboard, like any other lesson.
the students gain experience in the workshop while learning from older team members. 
Sometimes the team recieves help from it's alumni who still cherish FIRST and it's values, and hope to help spread them. As part of the Practical learning, team members learn design, construction, modelling and more, and specialize in one topic in accordance to their sub-team. As a result, there is always a learning process in the team, which improves the team and it's members' abilities. Every year, the team takes in new members, including NAALE students (A program for foreign jewish students to come and live in Israel), who join the robotics class.
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