We made a Spotify Playlist For the "2019 Build Season" with over 500 songs
Hope You Enjoy! 

Jan15, 2019

We Organize a blood donation in our school every Year .

Mevoot Eron Auditorium

Jan22, 2019


HaGalil st., Kfar Yona

Dec 20, 2017

This year we hosted, in cooperation with teams MA 5951 and BumbleB 3339, the first Fresh convention! 

This convention is open for all teams to come, in order to refresh before kickoff. We had lectures and work classes on all topics, and we hope to help teams better themselves and prepare for the build season.

We Organize a blood donation in our school every Year months. Simultaneously to the Blood Donation we're running an information and subscription stand for A.D.I. - the Israeli organ transplant association.
Although it's not related to robotics our spreading STEM, we do it for the community, to
save lives.

Mevoot Eron Auditorium

Oct 22, 2017


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