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Mevoot has been declared an "Ecological School" for many years, and has received the annual education prize from the ministry of education in 2017.

The school also functions as a boarding school ("Pnimia"), in the spirit of the kibbutzim of the past, and is a combination of a second home and a youth group. The "Boarders" manage the school's parties and other social activities.

Nowadays, Mevoot Eron is a half-private school, bound to the Israeli ministry of education, and is attended by students from Menashe Region, Pardes-Hanna-Karkur and the nearby settlements.

The Educational institute "Mevoot Eron" was founded, based on the values of "HaShomer HaTzair", in 1949 as a regional highschool for the kibbutzim - Ein Shemer, Maanit, Metzer and Barkai. The school is located in Ein Shemer, near Pardes-Hanna and more than 1000 student attend it, ranging from 7th to 12th grade.

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